The Kuroshio Extension (KE) in the Northwest Pacific Ocean is one of the most dynamically-complex regions in the global ocean, but is one of the regions with the least long-term continuous observations. Since 2014, Ocean University of China has started the construction of Kuroshio Extension observation system and carried out a series of far-reaching scientific-research-oriented in-situ observational experiments. In 2020, the phase I of the Kuroshio Extension Mooring System (KEMS) has been successfully constructed, providing real-time hydrological and meteorological data. In the next phase (2021-2025), this system will focus more on ocean multidisciplinary observations, to study the ocean carbon cycle, multi-scale coupling of physical/biological processes, ocean energy cascade and climate effect.

Near Real-time Absolute Dynamic Topography (AVISO)

Near Real-time Sea Level Anomalies (AVISO)

Near Real-time Sea Surface Temperature (OSTIA)

Near Real-time Mass Concentration of Chlorophyll-a (GlobColour)

Real-time Data of Surface Buoys

*Meteorologic data in Phase-1 (blue line) and Phase-2 (red line) are sampled every 10 minutes and 1 hour, respectively.

*CTD and wave data are sampled every 30 minutes in both phases.

*All figures are generated using non-QC real-time data.

Real-time Data of Subsurface Moorings

M1                                                                  M2

                     M3                                          M4 realtime data transmission down on 2020-10-25

*All figures are generated using non-QC real-time data.

*Please send e-mail to for scientific use of data.

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